• Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my mission or my purpose in this incarnation?
  • Am I awake, awakened?
  • Am I really in my process of self-awakening? Or am I cursed or hexed?
  • Am I part of the human matrix cycle?
  • Why does the world feel “gray?” Why does my life feel empty?
  • I feel like I’ve lost myself. What is happening to me?
  • Why do I feel so alone, so misunderstood?
  • Will I ever be able to heal from my chronic illness?

If any of these questions relate to you, then you are definitely not alone. And what you may be going through, is definitely not a coincidence, but possibly part of your human design, your journey. The challenge for most of us, is that we are not consciously aware of the divine timing of the universe, and within us. If you feel lost, are looking for answers, or have already received downloads (or premonitions) in your life and need a fresh start, or a shift in awareness, online or face-to-face sessions with licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Marcus Rosario, L.Ac., ABT (NCCAOM) may help activate and potentiate your sense of consciousness and awareness. 

There are seemingly infinite ways of approaching and evaluating your life, in search of depth, meaning, and answers along your journey of self-healing and self-reflection. As a way of bridging this understanding, I will be using age-old paradigms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Daoist/Buddhist inspired Kung Fu (Shing-Yi Chuan & Bagua Zhang), and my experiences as a practitioner of Acupuncture. For instance, the 3,000 age-old Taoist and Confucianist philosophy, the I-Ching (or the Book of Changes) is a paradigm I personally tapped into and worked with in the journey of my own self-realization here on earth. The I-Ching is one of the first documented efforts made to understand the human mind and experience relative to the inherent wisdom of our universe. I find that one of the core questions we should be asking ourselves is: how do you find stillness in a midst of constant change? How do I remain still and balanced regardless of what is happening around me and to me?

My Shing-Yi Chuan Kung fu grandfather, Master Kenny Gong, would say “Everything inside the same, everything outside different,” in his strong Cantonese accent. Going over most people’s heads, this profoundly insightful comment was the secret to one’s complete presence, in both self-sincerity and in conscious awareness. The pearl of wisdom being that no matter what happens to you or around you, from within or externally, change is constant, change is imminent, and it is imperative that we learn to move in right (or self-illuminated) relationship with the world. However, throughout the journey of one’s life, and in the fear of letting go, one looks to remain “the same;” or remain repeating the same patterns between every experience, every endeavor, every trial and failure. The light in our suffering opens when no matter what the uncontrollable stimuli may be, one can train and unfold their innate miraculous and divine ability to dance with and master themselves in complete “stillness,” being both lively, spontaneous, and self-aware, and self-awakened.

If it is the answers to your questions that you seek, you will continue to seek endlessly and call it a life. ‘Stop seeking!’ I say, as a paradigm shift of mindfulness of one’s self-reflection. While the questions may offer you drive and desire, if answered, this curiosity should lead to many more questions. The true answer lies within your journey. The answer IS your journey, as you allow it to develop in depth and color, to flower and present itself as you give yourself the space to live it. Dance, enjoy the simple things, allow yourself to feel fear, to feel lost and confused, to look up at the sun and moon, and the answers will reveal themselves in the creation of your life. This paradox inherent to your existence, between change and stillness, will bring to you invaluable physical, mental, and spiritual insight. When you arrive, you will never again need to be reminded of your mission, or of why you have chosen to incarnate (or re-incarnate) here with us fellow humans.

If you are further looking to open and work on your blueprint (your spirit’s roadmap) towards your intended purpose or need to remember how to utilize and activate your powerful human body (physically, biologically, and soulfully), I can help you find your way back home.

Life-Coaching Sessions

Schedule online of face-to-face sessions (1 hour):

Consultation fees: Please call the front desk reception for rates, or to schedule a consultation.

**Keep in mind: Each session is energetically and physically interactive. We look to take your downloads and activations and to further integrate into your sense of consciousness of the mind, soul, and physical body. Your body is a living biological supercomputer, intended to be utilized and understood in depth. 

‘Everything that you seek, lies from within,’ is a literal transmission indicating that you have the destined ability (and it is your divine right as a human) to allow your body- including all of your memory found in your DNA- to transform and transmute you on all levels of your conscious/unconscious form of existence. To further grow and to illuminate your human design and purpose of existence from within, as a human here on earth. 

With this said, each consultation will involve (toward the end of each session), active qigong or medical qigong lessons, or mindful Daoist or Buddhist inspired meditations prescribed to you, based on our connectivity and flow. As a guide and a messenger, I work with spontaneous transmissions along our journey together within our sessions. In this way, the prescribed qigong lessons or breathing techniques following, will assist you to further align, activate and further potentiate your divine will of purpose. Understanding how your body works with intention-based Qigong practices, will activate and simultaneously ground you, and recalibrate the communication centers (your Qi) between your body and mind. This is considered the first level or stage of Shing-Yi Chuan practice. Shing-Yi is a Daoist and Buddhist style of internal martial arts used for physical guerrilla-style combat and complete system cultivation of the self. Shing-Yi Chuan is translated as ‘shape of the mind, fist.’ The beauty of Shing-Yi is that it is strongly influenced by the 5-element theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, an established Chinese medical paradigm that is well over 2,000 years old. And a paradigm I work with to diagnose and assist patients, martial artists, and Qi huggers alike 🙂

What should I expect in each session?

Expect a relaxed, fully engaged, joyful connection with Marcus. Joy and lightheartedness opens up to the higher frequencies of your existence, and can potentiate the heart chakra with your wisdom mind (3rd eye chakra) of communication. The space created, whether virtual or face-to-face, is of divine protection and love. Prior to each session, I open up a space of divine presence. Thus, honoring two divine, sacred beings allowing for purposeful and illuminating energy of information exchange amongst the both of us. 

How do I approach my first session?

I would say, come with an open heart and allow your mind and soul to receive all communications channeled to you. Following your session with Marcus, it is advised that you make the time and space to meditate, contemplate, journal, take a walk in the park, for example. Drink a glass of water as a way of grounding before and after each session. Water is your energy (Qi) conductor. You will have plenty of space and time after your session to use your wisdom of self, to illuminate and discern the session and what message you’ve received. Lastly, allow your spirit to activate in your body further, by not aligning with what you ‘agree or disagree’ with in your session; but by saying to yourself: ‘what serves me’ and ‘what does not serve me?’

*If this resonates, please call for rates or to book your first session.
*Complimentary 20-minute consultations are also available upon request.

Peace and Love, beautiful Soul.